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Many brides these days don’t often consider getting a videographer. Either it isn’t in the budget, or it’s not something that will even come up in conversation for things that are essential to book when planning a wedding. Why is that exactly? 79% of brides polled who didn’t have a wedding videographer, regret not getting one. View our Wedding Video examples to help make your decision. 











When you watch a promo video, you get more than a few lines of texts and a couple of Photoshopped pictures. Promo videos often feel real when you see the character's facial expressions, body language and even hear their vocal tones and how they emphasize different thoughts. The combination of seeing and hearing encourages trust and loyalty, especially in this day-and-age where business is done virtually rather than face-to-face. A promo video gives your business a bit of personality.

Promotional Video

Athletic Recruitment Video

College coaches watch hours of highlight and skills videos from recruits. And that’s why you need to make yours count. A highlight video is an important part of your online resume.


Capture the excitement of your event, location or special occasions with a dynamic and professionally shot aerial sequence. Imagine adding a dynamic aerial flyby to your video or photography coverage!



Based in Utica, NY

Will Travel Anywhere

Videographer // Editor

Available for freelance and contract jobs


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